producer, songwriter, composer

Indie artist StankBottom is known for their unique blend of music and AI technology. Using a combination of deep learning algorithms and their own creative flair, StankBottom has created a sound that's all their own.

StankBottom's music is characterized by its heavy use of synthesized vocals, generated by the Synthesizer V AI databases and historically VOCALOID - the modern singing synthesizer. The result is a sound that's at once familiar and otherworldly, with haunting melodies and intricate harmonies that are impossible to replicate with human voices alone.

But StankBottom's music is much more than just a showcase for AI technology. At its core, it's deeply personal and introspective, with lyrics that explore themes of identity, connection, and the human condition.

In their latest album, released on 04/06/2023, StankBottom continues to push the boundaries of what's possible with AI-generated vocals. The album features a range of styles, from ambient and experimental tracks to more upbeat, pop-inspired numbers. But through it all, StankBottom's signature sound is never far away, with their ethereal vocals weaving in and out of the mix like ghosts haunting the edges of the music.

What sets StankBottom apart from other artists experimenting with AI technology is their willingness to take risks and explore new sonic territory. While some artists may use AI-generated vocals as a gimmick or a novelty, StankBottom has fully embraced the possibilities of this technology, creating music that's both cutting-edge and deeply emotional.

It's not hard to imagine a future where AI-generated music is the norm rather than the exception, and artists like StankBottom are leading the way towards that future. By embracing technology and using it to enhance their creative vision, StankBottom has created a sound that's truly ahead of its time.

If you're a fan of experimental music that pushes boundaries and challenges conventions, then StankBottom is an artist you definitely need to check out. With their unique blend of AI technology and emotional depth, they're sure to leave a lasting impression.


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